Pardon My French Guiana

My partner, Bo, and I moved to French Guiana in January of 2013, and quickly discovered we now live in the weirdest place on Earth. It’s a French bureaucracy stuck in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. It’s in South America, but it’s also part of Europe, and virtually all the restaurants are Chinese. The TV keeps us updated on the traffic and weather in Paris, the prices make us think we’re in Geneva, and the capital city makes any other capital in the world look like the densest, most happening place on Earth.

The favorite phrase when everything goes wrong –– and it goes wrong at every opportunity –– is pas de soucisNo worries. Having been raised a neurotic New York Jew, this doesn’t always work for me, but sometimes, given enough local chocolate and passion fruit juice, I can pretend. At other times, I may curse and get frustrated, but hopefully you can pardon my French Guiana.

I am writing a collection of essays about our experiences. In the meantime, I am posting some stories, pictures, and whimsical vignettes here.

In my other life, I am a science writer and researcher focusing on public health (environmental health, maternal/child health) and sustainable food. Check out my writing website here.

me with sloth 1


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